PPE for protection against cold and unfavorable weather conditions are intended to protect the body from the effects of wind and precipitation. To properly choose the optimal type of protective clothing, it is necessary to know the climatic parameters of the place where the clothing is used as well as the level of activity of workers.

Protective clothing protects the worker in the workplace so that clothing must meet the highest safety standards and comply with the requirements of the work environment in which it is used. It is common for protective clothing to have multiple protective functions but the basic division relates to the main properties it fulfills in protecting the body.

The winter suit of the PremiWork collection of protective clothing at work from our offer is guaranteed to keep you warm during cold days, provides a classic design and a comfortable feeling when worn.

The suit consists of two parts, a jacket and trousers.

The upper part is characterized by a raised Russian collar to protect the door with Velcro fastening. Numerous pockets are ideal for storing things. It contains adjustable elements such as cuffs with elastic bands and a belt with side elastic bands, which ensures comfort with every movement.