Made for prefessionals!

Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina!


‘’KUNA’’ Ltd. Visoko is a company for manufacturing, trade and
services, based in Industry zone Ozrakovici, Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in
1987 as craftsman shop and from 2000 as limited liability company and expands it’s production
Company is proud on it’s heritage and longterm tradition in manufacturing PPE. All our products
and models are made and shaped through close cooperation with our customers needs as a
result of long tradition and extensive experience in manufacturing.
Hystoricaly and woldwide well known, City of Visoko, has a long tradition of manufacturing
leather products. Same leather is used in our products, keeping the tradition alive.
Every year, we extend our product portfolio, for domestic market and for export and all
according to the customers needs all through our brands.

Our vision: Become a regional leader in PPE manufacturing for professionals!

Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Made for professionals!