PremiWork – FS-150HA

American summer suspenders with suspenders from the PremiWork collection are a very popular model designed for practicality. It has a meter pocket on the front, which is a good solution for easier use in work tasks.

Made of Klopman industro2 material 2 × 1 Twill – 65% dog 35% cotton 250 gsm.

Reinforced seam seams on the slit, pockets and pants laces. The pants have two side pockets below the waist, back pockets, one side accordion pocket and one meter pocket.

It has ORAFOL GP010 reflective strips. The elastic back provides comfort and ease of movement, as comfort and durability are key features of this range of personal protective equipment. Elastic suspenders with buckles are lined with material as well as a suit. The color is at the customer’s choice. Warranty on 50 washes.