PremiWeld – 0115GK


Professional gloves for stainless steel welding and arc welding (stainless steel welding, argon, arc welding)

Welding gloves 0115GK (pair) made of specially treated very soft cowhide, seams sewn with Kevlar® para-aramid 3-ply thread, additionally protected with cedar at the impact points. These gloves are intended for protection of welder’s hands when welding stainless steel material in inert Argon gas or electric arc welding of black steel with low currents. They are made very precisely and fit snugly by hand to ensure the maximum good feel for handling the argon electrode and dosing the electrode for precise welding. These gloves can be worn alone or in combination with other products from the PremiWeld series where there are higher risks of splashing molten metal.


Extended cuff with velcro strap, protects arm and forearm,

Cedar-protected seams at impact points for long-term use,

Extremely soft glove for precise touch sensation,

Soft cowhide glove leather,

Intended for argon welding,

Designed for precision electric arc (REL) welding of steel

Elastic band on the back for a better fit on the arm,

Velcro strap for tightening the cuff against falling into the glove,

Packing in pairs – or left and right separately,

Size: 9 / L, 10 / XL, 11 / XXL,

Glove length: 35 cm,

Standard: EN 420: 2013, EN 388: 2016 2133X, EN 407: 2004 212X2X