Protective wear

BasicWELD range of protective clothing, has been designed for basic protectin for welders against small molten metal splashes, heat, flame and electric shock for small welding operations. Resistant and basic, each product can be worn alone or in addition to the other products of the PremiWELD or BasicWeld line for more hazardous welding applications.

BasicWELD range of garment is mainly designated for basic usage and are inteded for basic protection and usage in industry. Made from high quality textile materials, leather and split leather, sewn para and meta aramide materials. High quality hreads and optimised confectioning reduce impact of molten metal splashes, heat and flame risks to the wearer making this collection a basic and solid protection.

BasicWELD range consists of protective sleeves, gaiters, aprons, pants, jackets, hoods, gloves and accessiories made for basic protection.