RSG 400 E Series maska za cijelo lice

Opis Proizvoda

rsg series 400 e fface


MODEL: 400201

Maska za cijelo lice u kombinaciji sa RD40 filterima

Product Information

Size Universal

Protection Level

Norm EU EN136:1998 / EN12942
Markings EN12942: TM3P
Notified Body CE0158 DEKRA EXAM GmbH Laboratory for respiratory protection, protective clothing and gas detection equipment
Protection Factor 1000X N.P.F. 40X A.P.F. (20 with Gas filter) (BS4275) TM3P: 2000X N.P.F. 40X A.P.F. (BS4275)
Limitations Do not use in confined spaces or places with an oxygen level lower than 19%!
Maintenance 1 time a year thorough cleaning and check of valves and headbands, leakage test with certification

Product Details

Material Rubber
Colour Black